With a simple test message on Monday, the Code Red notification system let users in Godfrey know it was active and ready to warn them of impending danger. Normally the danger will be notification of a severe storm bearing down on the village, and it was with that purpose in mind, village trustees chose to go with this system versus the more common "tornado sirens" found in many communities.

Aside from their arguable effectiveness, sirens cost about $22,000 per unit, and it would take at least 17 sirens to cover the village. The Code Red notification system automatically calls those who opt in to the program with notification of impending storms very quickly, according to Godfrey Mayor Mike McCormick.

McCormick comments

The system will only be used for emergency and life safety purposes, such as drinking water contamination, extended utility outages, fires, floods, or other incidents where rapid and accurate identification is essential for life safety. You can register through a link provided below or by calling the Village Clerk's office at 466-3381.


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