Coincidentally coming the same week the Illinois legislature gave more than $300 million in tax incentives to big business is a national report ranking the states as to how their incentives translate to meaningful jobs. Good Jobs First puts Nevada first, Illinois 38th, and Washington, D. C., 51st.  Brian Imus of the Illinois Public Interest Research Group reacts by saying the state barely gets a passing grade.



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“There’s no requirement in Illinois that those jobs are well-paying, and that can leave families of employees dependent on social safety-net programs.” Imus calls that a “double whammy,” as taxpayers foot the bill for those safety-net programs.  So does that mean Illinois should call the bluff of companies such as Sears and CME Group and possibly let them move to some other state? Imus says that’s a question for lawmakers to tackle: “That’s one of the problems with states competing with states and companies taking advantage of it.”