The Affordable Care Act will cut the number of people without health insurance in Illinois almost in half, but it won’t eliminate the problem, according to a new study.  In a state-by-state analysis, the Urban Institute estimates that 800,000 people in Illinois who are currently uninsured will begin receiving coverage. That still leaves around 980,000 without insurance.  “Basically, you don’t get 100 percent take-up with any human services program,” said Matt Buettgens, senior research analyst for the institute.
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The study found that many of those remaining uninsured will be eligible for some form of assistance to buy coverage. Buettgens says spreading awareness of the new law in the state could result in a larger decrease.  The analysis has Illinois among the top states for decreasing the number of people uninsured, as well as the number of people eligible for assistance.  The study attributes this to Illinois being one of eight states that has committed to expanding Medicaid eligibility, as well as opening a state-run health insurance marketplace.
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