Lt. Gov. Shelia Simon is encouraging college students to take a pledge not to text and drive.   Simon says she’s pushing the pledge to bring awareness to the law in Illinois under which it is illegal to text while driving.   “Sometimes a change in law can lead a change in culture. Sometimes a change in culture leads a change in the law,” Simon said.
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“Here we’ve got a law already that not everyone knows about, not everyone follows. We are trying to follow through with changing that culture to make it a given that you’re not going to text and drive.”  Simon announced the initiative at John A. Logan Community College in Carterville. She says community colleges make for a good fit in rolling out the pledge.   “None of them have dormitories,” Simon said. “So people are driving to and from community colleges on a daily basis. [They are] an important group of people who are in a car regularly. We want to be making sure they understand the importance of waiting to do your text later.”  Simon says look for the initiative to roll out at community colleges across Illinois. The effort is part of a bigger initiative sponsored by AT&T.
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