“Rules of war” sounds like an oxymoron.  But the International Humanitarian Law Action Campaign is giving college students some things to think about. It's an American Red Cross program which is recognizing a Bradley University group among five winning teams from the nationwide competition.  “The team actually put together a campaign to do some outreach and show their peers what the life of a child soldier would be like,” says Peoria-based chapter youth program director Monica Grugett, “as kind of a simulation where a tour group would come in and experience why a child might be recruited.”
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Of the other teams, some did theatrical interpretations, and one even invented a board game to illustrate “the rules of war.” Ultimately, Grugett says, once enough people in the world are educated, perhaps there will be no need for wars.  Grugett says 30 teams in all participated in the International Humanitarian Law action campaign.
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