Sunday’s storms will affect what’s left to be harvested of Illinois’ corn crop.  Illinois’ corn is 95 percent harvested, but the wind on Sunday – from storms in general, not necessarily just the tornadoes – will make it hard for farmers to get all of that, says USDA crop statistician Mark Schleusener.  “Even though there’s not a lot of corn remaining in the field, some of it that was there should be standing up straight and it’s not. High winds knocked it over. That can lessen the yield; that is, some of the corn that has fallen on the ground, farmers cannot harvest it,” he said.
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He did not have a number for how much corn will be affected, except to say it will be a portion of the 5 percent still in the field.  At this time last year, the corn harvest was at 100 percent, according to the weekly USDA crop progress report. Soybeans are now 98 percent harvested. Harvest was complete by this time last year. Winter wheat is now 86 percent emerged.  In spite of heavy rain on Sunday, the state actually had a below-average week for rain, and topsoil moisture is still 22 percent short or very short.
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