Several Alton businesses will have their liquor licenses suspended after being caught selling alcohol to minors.  Alton Mayor Brant Walker, who is also the city Liquor Commissioner, issued the orders this week following the undercover police operation on September 24 in the city.  In addition to fines, the businesses will not be able to sell alcohol for a 24 hour period on an agreed upon date this month.

The Schnucks on the Homer Adams Parkway will not be able to sell alcohol beginning at 6am Monday.  Elete Package and Grocery on East Broadway will not sell liquor starting at 6am this Sunday as part of the penalty.  Both businesses will also pay a $250 fine.  Quick Stop and Alton Truck Stop will not sell booze beginning at 6am November 17 and pay a $250 fine, while Alton Gas and Food was fined $500 and will not sell alcohol starting at 6am Sunday.  The CVS on College Avenue asked for a continuance and it's hearing with the mayor was moved to November 25.   Employees of all the businesses were also cited for selling to minors, ages 20 and 18, who were working with Alton Police and the Drug Free Alton Coalition.  The minors used their actual ID's when asked by employees when attempting to buy the alcohol. 

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