Illinois Republicans are livid over the fact that there's still no deal on pension reform.  House minority leader Tom Cross says they've had months to reach an agreement.  But, he says Democratic leaders have focused on insignificant things like a puppy lemon law, a ban on lion meat, and trans-fats in schools.  A vote yesterday on a pension bill was defeated 17-41.


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Cross says the pension issue is the biggest issue facing the state and Illinois faces more financial trouble if they don't send a bill to the governor by the end of the day.  The most recent bill, supported by House Speaker Michael Madigan, was rejected overwhelmingly in the Senate on Thursday with many fellow democrats voting against it.  State Senator Bill Haine of Alton called the proposal "unconstitutional and fundamentally unfair," while Senator Andy Manar of Bunker Hill said an agreement must be something that has the "backing from state employee unions" such as a senate bill that has already been approved.

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