The state’s 44 regional superintendents of education will remain unpaid for now. They have not received a paycheck since Illinois’ fiscal year began July 1.  The governor refused to pay for them, yet they are elected officials who remain on the job. A bill which would have paid them from local corporate personal property tax replacement funds failed Thursday in the Illinois House.


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The vote came in front of several of the superintendents in the gallery. State Rep. Roger Eddy (R-Hutsonville) pointed to the work they do: “Who’s gonna do GED’s? Who’s gonna do Safe School? Who’s gonna do alternative schools? Who’s gonna do bus driver training? Who’s gonna do teacher certification?” Eddy chastised the governor for having too much pride to work on a real solution.  H.B. 3828 failed in the House, 59-55. It needed 71 Yes votes to pass. The sponsor reserves the right to call it again.


(Illinois Radio Network)