The opening of Illinois 255 to Humbert Road is now looking like it will coincide with the opening of the final segment to Godfrey Road, as engineers are still trying to figure out why the dirt under some pavement near Seminary Road gave way. IDOT Field Engineer Joe Gasaway says the problem cropped up in September, and studies are being done to find a fix. In the meantime, crews are making progress on other parts of the project.

The sinking pavement problem is isolated to about 400 yards of pavement close to the Seminary interchange. Further tests are being done to try and find a fix, and Gasaway says they may have to redo the section.

Gasaway comment

That, he says, may mean traffic on 255 will continue to exit at Seminary until the final leg of the project is done late in the year. Crews have been working in the area for more than two years, widening Humbert, placing the beams for the overpass, doing ramp work, and other projects to get the extension ready for traffic.