Illinois government is wasting money on state vehicles, according to a recent audit.  Auditor General William G. Holland found some state employees with use of a state car didn’t drive it enough in Fiscal Year 2010 to make economic sense, suggesting they instead receive mileage reimbursements. He says it’s impossible to know exactly how much could be saved because many agencies didn’t properly document vehicle usage.


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“Now is the time when it’s very, very important to ensure we have all those monthly logs and those vehicle logs to go along with determining how the state fleet is being used,” he says.  Holland suggests state agencies install GPS to track vehicle usage automatically, replacing the elusive paper logs. His office found only two state agencies, the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and the Workers Compensation Commission, use the technology.  Central Management Services, which oversees the state vehicle fleet, did not respond to requests for comment.


(Illinois Radio Network)