A conservative think-tank says the state should refuse the national health care plan, referred to by critics as “Obama Care.”   The Illinois Policy Institute estimates the plan would cost Illinois about $90 million a year.  The institute’s health care analyst, Jonathan Ingram, says the health care exchanges in the plan, which are agencies that would offer multiple insurance plans from competing firms, would take too much power out of states’ hands and put too much with the federal government.


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Illinois is one of 17 states that plan to create an exchange. But a bill before Illinois lawmakers would prevent the governor from issuing an executive order to create one.   Ingram says health care costs are high because of too much regulation, such as mandated benefits.   “I don’t need coverage for maternity care. I’m a male,” he says. “I would like to buy insurance that doesn’t have maternity coverage. What these benefit mandates do is that even people who don’t need coverage have to pay for it which just [raises] the price.”



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