The Illinois legislature adjourned Friday without reaching an agreement on pension restructuring. A Republican state senator who will soon announce his intentions for the 2014 race for governor says the members of the House and Senate should come back.   A special session with neither a bill nor an agreement on one was a hallmark of the Rod Blagojevich administration, and few would say it was productive. But State Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) says it’s worth a try: “I can’t promise you it’s a solution. I just don’t see any other path to a solution.
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“I can’t think of one member that (Gov. Pat Quinn) has talked to in the last month on pension reform,” Brady said. While Quinn promised to call the legislative leaders together this week, Brady says that’s not good enough, and he is tired of waiting.  The state’s unfunded pension obligation is an estimated $100 billion. A House bill failed in the Senate, and the Senate’s bill never got called in the House. They are at odds over whether they are constitutional and aggressive enough to solve the problem.
As for Brady's own political future, he indicates he has already decided to run for governor but will wait until possibly later this month to make an official announcement. He was the loser to Quinn in 2010.
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