It’s never too early to talk about the next election in Illinois, and the 2014 gubernatorial primary is just a year away.  Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago), who is chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois and the father of Attorney General Lisa Madigan, posits about the prospects of incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn: “Do I think that Quinn can get re-elected? The answer is yes.”
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What does it depend on? “You might want to put that question to Bill Brady,” Madigan said, referring to the state senator from Bloomington, whom Quinn defeated in the 2010 general election. That assumes Quinn can survive a primary. “Which he did last time,” Madigan reminds us. “I wouldn’t count him out,” he concludes.  That 2010 primary, by the way, did not include Lisa Madigan, who has been considering a run against Quinn. “I have not made up my mind,” she said.
As for Quinn, his first public appearance after his budget speech was seven days later, at an IBEW conference in Springfield. A trade union might be a more friendly audience than, say, AFSCME, the public-workers’ union which has had contentious relations with Quinn, leading up to a tentative agreement announced last week. “We can, I think, get to a good place for everybody,” Quinn said.
When reminded Speaker Madigan has voiced doubts that the state can afford the AFSCME contract terms without laying people off, Quinn walked away.
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