Illinois’ Road Fund is being used for more than just roads – and that is a problem for the Transportation for Illinois Coalition. Its members include road builders and engineers who would like to be doing more work.  David Kennedy, executive director of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois, is the coalition’s statehouse committee chairman.


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“The Illinois Department of Transportation is paying more than their fair share for health insurance” for its employees, he said. His group says IDOT’s Fiscal Year 2013 highway construction program is expected to drop from this year’s $2.9 billion to about half that.  Illinois transportation secretary Ann Schneider says: “Without any action to stabilize that Medicaid program, there’s going to be a potential downgrade to the state’s credit rating. The bonds that we use for road projects are supported through the Road Fund, so as interest costs go up on those bonds, there’s less money to use for transportation infrastructure investment.”


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