One of the Illinois state employees  fighting against fair share dues says he hasn’t gotten much blowback from fighting the unions but has received support from taxpayers and others.


Mark Janus, a child support specialist for the state of Illinois, filed a lawsuit along with two other state employees saying they do not agree with the union’s politics and don’t want to be forced to pay fair share dues as a condition of their employment. Unions contend fair share dues pay for bargaining costs and contract administration, but but Janus says he simply doesn't like union politics and shouldn’t be forced to participate.

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“You take a look at the state of Illinois and its situation,” Janus said, “and then you take a look at the political situation where the unions have very heavily backed certain candidates -- which seems to go against, in some cases, what the taxpayers are looking for and what’s good for the state of Illinois -- which I just don't think is appropriate or correct.”


Janus says he hasn’t had experienced any overt blowback because of his stance but has received emails from private citizens and businesses supporting his cause. He says he also has support from neighbors, friends and family.


Janus attended the oral arguments Monday in the Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Association, a case before the U.S. Supreme Court similar to one Janus is involved in. He said he didn’t find the union's arguments convincing.  Unions contend they could disappear if fair share is taken away, but he said unions still operate where fair share is not required.


Justices aren’t expected to rule on the Friedrichs case until sometime this summer.


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