It’s up to the governor whether Illinois cities will continue to be allowed to ban tinted car windows.   A bill sponsored by State Rep. David Harris (R-Arlington Heights) has passed both chambers and would supersede home rule. “What this bill does is it removes the ability for the City of Chicago to impose a tinting standard on vehicle windows that is different that the state of Illinois,” Harris said.
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State Rep. Mike Zalewski (D-Riverside) says local police are concerned about safety, and cities should still be able to outlaw the tinted windows if they so choose.  “If our state statute is good enough for the State Police, that is certainly persuasive. But from (what I’ve) heard about a tinted window ordinance in the City of Chicago is because officers have said they need to be able to view the entire car, especially at night time,” Zalewski said.  S.B. 1524 has passed both chambers and awaits the governor’s action.
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