At Bedford High School shelterMembers of St. Mary’s Church in Alton are safe at home after an extended return from the March for Life in Washington D.C.  The event was held last Friday despite a major winter storm that blanketed the mid-Atlantic states causing traffic delays and in the case of St. Mary’s, 24 hours on a bus stopped in traffic.

The group began their journey home last Friday afternoon in the hopes of beating the storm and they were making progress until they got stuck in St Mary's March for Life bustraffic behind an accident in south central Pennsylvania Friday night.  The bus from the Belleville Catholic Diocese got stuck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for 24 hours, but thankfully it had just been refueled and passengers had dinner before being forced to stop on the highway.  The Pennsylvania National Guard and highway workers were able to dig out stranded busses and other motorists and the group from the Metro East spent Saturday night at a high school in Bedford, PA.   They began their return trip home Sunday morning and arrived back in Alton after 11pm yesterday.  A group from Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Bethalto got out a little ahead of the storm and made it home Saturday night.

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(Photos:  Jeannie Grossheim)


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