The middle ear infection is one of the most common causes for doctor visits during childhood, with about 66% of all children experiencing a middle ear infection by the time they are a year old.  It can often start out as a cold or an upper respiratory infection caused by a virus, allowing the bacteria from the back of the nose to travel into the ear, causing the infection.

Dr. Leonard Rybak, professor of otolaryngology at SIU School of Medicine, says children with ear infections may have fever and their ears may drain or they may awaken in the night crying.  If the eardrum ruptures, drainage will be coming out of the ear. Ear infections often start as a cold or upper respiratory infection caused by a virus. He recommends some treatments.

Rybak comments

A child who has symptoms of ear infection should be seen by a primary care physician or pediatrician for diagnosis and possible treatment before the problem becomes serious.

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