The question of how much spending state government can do without a budget is on a lot of minds in Illinois this week.
As the fiscal year came to a conclusion, the Illinois House showcased the “what if” of there not being a state budget. The American Cancer Society urged lawmakers not to let screening programs come to a halt.
Survivor Pam Luechtefeld of Decatur said it's made a difference: “I probably wouldn't have even known that I have cancer, but, as of May 21, I'm cancer-free.”
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“I know the word shutdown has been thrown around a lot,” said Tim Nuding, director of the Governor's Office of Management and Budget, “and I think it's used, frankly, cavalierly in order to scare people. But we are going to try to manage this thing as best we can.”
The governor and the attorney general have differing views on what spending authority he has, and the governor's chief counsel, Jason Barclay, admitted nobody seems to agree on the definition of essential services.
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