A new survey claims Democratic and Republican voters in Illinois generally agree on how their tax dollars should be spent.  The study from the Center for Innovation and Public Value found that supporters of both parties want the state government to focus on goals like increasing employment, improving schools, and reducing crime. Those surveyed were then asked to play the role of state budget director.
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“You have $100 to allocate across the outcomes you said are most important-how would you allocate that money?” said Jason Saul, co-founder of the center.  That ideal budget doesn’t always match the desired outcomes. For instance, both Republicans and Democrats wanted to reduce spending on education, despite listing improving schools in their top goals.  “This is the bang for the buck we want, figure out the best way to get there,” Saul said.
Saul doesn’t believe that’s wishful thinking on the part of voters, but rather a call to get rid of ineffective and costly programs.
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