A pair of spending bills advanced in the Illinois House Thursday, though neither reached the final passage stage.

The legislation would appropriate money – some of which is either in dedicated funds or is appropriated from federal payments – for such programs as early intervention for infants and toddlers, breast cancer screenings, and state lottery payouts.

“The babies can't wait,” said sponsoring State Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago) of early intervention. “For every month that their developmental delays are not addressed, there is retrogression.”

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A southern Illinois woman who said she survived a troubled childhood said she wants today's children to get the sort of help she did. “Here I stand as the executive director of Family Counseling Center – the agency who employed a crisis counselor that came in my aid during such an imperative time in my life to instill hope that cycles can be broken, and others like myself can be helped,” Sherrie Crabb said through tears during testimony at Thursdays “committee of the whole” hearing in the House. “However, our agency, along with so many other community health and substance abuse programs, are facing devastating cuts!”

The House is not scheduled to meet again until Oct. 20.

HB 4150 HFA 1 (mental health, early intervention) has passed the House, 54-0-13, and awaits final House action.

SB 2046 (breast cancer screening, lottery prizes) has passed the House Executive Committee.