The Alton City Council Committee of the Whole has approved the creation of a special account that will be dedicated to the upkeep of Lucy's Playhouse at Haskell Park.  The Haskell Playhouse Restoration Association has been instrumental in the upkeep of the playhouse for years, and with this agreement a fund will be established to make sure the group has money set aside for those purposes.

It will be set up similar to the one that funds the Oriental Garden at Gordon Moore Park.  Park & Recreation Executive Director Rhonda Lewis says the core group of volunteers have labored to keep the playhouse useable.

Lewis comments

A donation of $1,500 has started the fund.  In other committee business Monday night, the city code will be amended to make sure all natural gas customers are paying the city tax.  There is a small group of customers that are getting around the tax by buying their gas from a supplier other than Ameren, although Ameren still delivers the product.  These issues and many more will be discussed at the full city council meeting tomorrow night at 7:30.

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