With this current cold snap, many of us are finding our furnace may not deliver quite enough heat.  If you choose to use a space heater, one local fire chief wants you to be especially cautious.  Many fires are caused by space heaters being misused, according to Alton Fire Chief Bernie Sebold. 

He tells The Big Z if you are going to use them, be very careful.

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He says with so many older buildings in Alton, he runs across a lot of the older knob & tube style wiring.  He says if you have that type of system in your home, be careful to only put the correct fuse in the circuit.  The wrong fuse can allow too much energy to flow through the circuit, heating the wires to the point a fire can begin.  He believes that is what happened Wednesday around dusk at a home on Dorothy Avenue.  There were no injuries, and only minor damage was sustained.


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