If you have money, if you have a small business, somebody wants that money.  Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is warning of a scam.
“There's a company called Annual Business Services,” says White of a legitimate-sounding company asking for a legitimate-sounding $125 fee to file a legitimate-sounding “corporate minutes” form. “People in the business community may not be aware if they are in or out of compliance. We are asking the business community not to fill out the form and not to pay the $125.”
White says there is language in the company's dealings that makes their solicitation just on the side of legality, though he believes “it's a violation of all laws of human decency.”
For questions, or to report this activity, White recommends you either call his office or the attorney general's consumer fraud hotline.
Secretary of State (312) 814-2576
Attorney General's consumer fraud hotline (800) 243-0618