The levers of government are within four weeks of coming to Bruce Rauner's grasp.  If you are thinking now is the time for specifics about, say the governor-elect’s plans for his budget and to overhaul the tax code, you’d be wrong.  “I don’t think it makes sense to go into policy recommendations prior to the inauguration,” Rauner told reporters in Springfield. “We’ll be discussing the policies in detail not long afterward on our recommendations.”
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Rauner, who is sworn in Jan. 12, was criticized throughout the campaign for offering little in the way of specifics.
Rauner answered affirmatively when a reporter asked if he was interviewing some current state agency directors for jobs in the new administration. And as for his appointment of a comptroller, “there’s no reason that should only have to be a two-year term; it’s a four-year term,” he said, brushing aside Attorney General Lisa Madigan's preference for a special election in 2016.
The comptroller’s office has been vacant since Judy Baar Topinka – the incumbent who in November won re-election – died last week.
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