Gov. Bruce Rauner wants to send more money to Illinois' public schools, and some lawmakers say to do that, the state is going to have to bring in new money.

State Rep. Will Davis (D-Dist. 30) said Democrats will want to talk about a tax increase, though he said a tax hike doesn't necessarily have to be just for schools.

"We can look at some of the existing ways we receive revenue and say, 'Hey, we're going to dedicate this for K-12 funding,' " Davis said. "Put it in a lockbox and leave it alone."

Davis said Illinois may need to raise taxes for other programs, so it could be a wash.

State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Dist. 38) said that if Illinois is going to raise taxes, it needs to be for schools. Rezin also said that if the state is going to change how it pays for schools, which is what Rauner wants, the state will have to change how much it pays for schools.

"Once you change that formula, you'll have winners, school districts that get more. And you'll have losers, school districts that get less." Rezin said Illinois must have more school money to avoid that scenario.

When Rauner announced his new school-funding task force recently, he said he was still opposed to a tax increase. However, he said he'd be willing to make an exception to find new money for Illinois' public schools.


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