Most of the state’s been getting a break from heavy rain over the past few weeks, but that could be a problem pretty soon.

Most of the state saw at least five days suitable for fieldwork, with an average rainfall just north of half an inch. This comes after seemingly never ending spans of rain, so the fact that’s drying out is good, right? Not necessarily, says USDA Crop Statistician Mark Schleusener.

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“A lot of people say that because it’s been so wet through most of this year, the roots didn’t go very deep,” Schleusener says. Now that the top few inches of soil has dried out with no rain over a week, the roots are not finding all the moisture they want.”

Schleusener says that could be why the overall condition of the crop declined last week – only 56 percent statewide is rated good to excellent. 82 percent of soybeans are blooming, while 52 percent are setting pods.


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