People who have an angle in the flow of state dollars have predictable reactions to the governor’s State of the State message.

“We’re very excited about the governor’s focus on early childhood education. It’s definitely promising,” says Emily Miller, representing Voices for Illinois Children.

“Jobs and economic growth is the key,”says Illinois Chamber of Commerce president Doug Whitley. “He needs to create an environment where Illinois businesses have confidence in our state. And we’re not there yet.”

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“I don't know where he thinks the money is going to come from” for the governor’s proposals, said Kristina Rasmussen, executive vice president of the conservative think tank Illinois Policy Institute. “Illinois is broke. Taxpayers are tapped out. The tax increase is supposed to partially repeal at the end of the year, but (the speech) was spend, spend, spend.”

The answers might come during the governor's budget speech Feb. 19.