A bill that would ban businesses from asking potential employees to hand over passwords for sites such as Twitter and Facebook has made its way out of a committee and into the Illinois House for a vote.   State Rep. LaShawn K. Ford (D-Chicago) says this is one of the few things lawmakers can agree on, as the committee passed it unanimously.


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“I think we will be one of the states to lead this effort and to protect people and their rights to privacy with social media,” Ford says.   Ford cut out parts that would also ban businesses from requesting usernames after the bill failed in committee once.   Ford says it’s not just a privacy issue but also a financial security issue, since some people can purchase things on social networks.   “No one would ask for an individual’s passwords for their ATM or their passwords for their e-mail or their passwords to access their online banking, so you shouldn’t be asking for anyone’s (social media) passwords,” Ford says.


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