More than one-million people worldwide die of lung cancer each year, including more than 150-thousand in the United States.  A big reason for that is tobacco use, according to the American Cancer Society.  There is new information that apparently shows a link to secondhand smoke in apartment complexes, even in cases where the smoker lives in another unit, so a local group is pushing for a smoking ban in such complexes.

The only way to truly eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke is to implement smoke free policies, according to some experts in the field.  Greg Norris is helping push the program in Madison County, and says there is a webinar on developing and adopting a policy to eliminate smoking in multi-unit housing throughout the state.

Norris comments

Recent studies discussed in the 2008 report "Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence" shows a combination of counseling and medication is more effective for smoking cessation than either medication or counseling alone.  To access Wednesday's meeting, log on to the link below at 12:00 noon.

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