Beginning today, you better be in your car if you’re smoking on campus at one of Illinois’ public colleges.
Otherwise, you’re violating the Illinois Smoke Free Campus Act, which goes into effect today. Kathy Drea, lobbyist for the American Lung Association of Illinois, says the state is the fourth to prohibit smoking on campus property, and believes students and faculty won’t take long to get used to the ban.
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“There’s a transition time, for sure,” Drea said. “People generally adjust to them very quickly, just like they adjusted to smoke-free public places and restaurants and things like that, and soon, people will expect those areas to be smoke-free.”
The only exception to the ban is if you’re in a car either driving or parked on campus.
The law only applies to public institutions, though Drea says many of the state’s private colleges have already put similar smoking bans into place on their own. 
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