State Sen. Kwame RaoulSlavery has been brought into the rhetoric over the budget stalemate.
Gov. Bruce Rauner has insisted he’s given more than he’s taken in trying to settle the impasse, while maintaining proposals such as limits on collective bargaining have to be passed along with the budget.
State Sen. Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago) brought up slavery when asked if Democrats have been willing to compromise with Rauner.

“It depends on what the premise of what he wants. He could say he wants to put me in slavery. Right? Should I meet him halfway?” Raoul said.

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Raoul tried to clarify his statement by saying some of Rauner’s proposals were so extreme, in his view, that dropping them wouldn’t be seen as a compromise to Democrats.
Rauner now says he wants the collective bargaining changes, term limits, and redistricting reform considered by the General Assembly. House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago) doesn’t think dropping proposals will win Rauner any support among her party.
“If your 40 principles are wrong, to say oh, we only have three really bad things we want to do instead, that to me does not talk to me like a negotiated settlement,” Currie said.
Currie again called on Rauner to shift his focus to the budget, warning that without an agreement, the state is on pace to run out of money months before the end of the fiscal year.


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