Tenured and tenure-track faculty on the Southern Illinois University Carbondale campus are on strike.  Negotiations broke down Wednesday night.  The Faculty Association says the administration rejected all of their proposals and offered no new proposals during contract talks on Wednesday. Faculty Association spokesman Dave Johnson says the administration has shown no interest in real bargaining. He says the university has been willing to meet but not to move.


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“The board team has now rejected all of our proposals, as they’ve rejected so many proposals in the past. They’ve offered no new proposals of their own, no alterations of our proposals really nothing at all today,” he said.  In a statement, Chancellor Rita Cheng says classes will go on as scheduled, and she hopes to continue negotiations toward a contract with the Faculty Association.  Not everyone in the Faculty Association is taking part in the strike. A splinter group unhappy with the union’s bargaining says it owes students to stay on the job instead of joining what it called “the noisy minority.”  Meanwhile, three other unions have reached tentative deals. Union leaders say the proposals, which have yet to be voted on, resolve many issues involving job security and other concerns. Details of those agreements have not been released.


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