Your old cell phone could help someone in need.  The Illinois Coalition against Domestic Violence and Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon announced a collection drive Monday morning at the Executive Mansion in Springfield. Cell phones can be converted to emergency-only phones and given to victims of abuse.
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In addition to any Verizon store, the lieutenant governor’s offices in Chicago, Springfield, and Carbondale are accepting the phones, as are the Illinois State Bar Association in Springfield and the Chicago Bar Association book store.  “The perpetrators of domestic violence are very deliberate and purposeful in their actions,” said the coalition’s executive director, Vickie Smith. “They use a lot of psychological violence, a lot of financial exploitation and manipulation, they use children, they use friends and family, whatever they can to gain and maintain power and control over the victim.”
What we now call abuse was, not that long ago, called discipline, says Simon. “This is where we get the phrase ‘the rule of thumb:’ the husband was allowed to discipline his wife with a rod no thicker than his thumb.” Simon says this was done away with about 150 years ago.
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