Now that a bill has passed to help raise money for battered and abused women, how smoothly can it be implemented?   Lt. Gov. Shelia Simon, a big supporter of the bill, believes implementing a fee won’t be so hard. She says there are two options in collecting the fee, a flat fee based on what a club brings in per year or a $3 head fee.


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“One is based on the number of folks who come in and one is based on [individual strip club] revenue, which is a little bit easier for [strip club owners] to predict, it may be easier for them to use and certainly easier for us to checkup on,” Simon said.  Strip clubs that allow alcohol would have to pay the fees which will help fund rape crisis centers that have seen state funding decline about 28 percent over the past five years.   On its passage, Simon says there was some difference of opinions but ultimately lawmakers on both sides of the aisle came together. “I’m particularly pleased that it’s a good reflection of the process, that two sides who look at things differently can iron out a compromise,” Simon said.   Providing the governor signs the bill, the law takes effect January 1, 2013.


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