This Election Day, Illinois’ ballot stands to look like something from California, a state notorious for loading up referenda.  With the prospect of questions to impose term limits, cut the size of the General Assembly, change the way lawmakers can override a governor’s veto, raise the minimum wage, establish a Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights, and outlaw voter suppression already on the ballot or seeking a place there, Illinois Republicans are getting into the act, too.
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They want the state’s voters to weigh in on whether the state’s 5 percent personal income tax should be permanent.  That’s what the governor and the Democratic legislative leaders are trying to do anyway. “They're going through a little theater right now,” said State Sen. Matt Murphy (R-Palatine), a day after House Democrats had a two-hour-plus meeting with the governor, “but, in the end, they'll come around, and they’ll do what the Democrats are going to do, which is raise people’s taxes in the state again.  But make no mistake – they don’t need to raise that tax to fund core services.”
Murphy said the Democrats who control the legislature will allow the question onto the ballot if they “follow their own advice.”
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