The Southwestern School District will take one more shot at keeping Shipman Elementary School open for the 2013-2014 school year.  Last week at a special meeting, the board decided to close the school as a cost-savings measure.  At this week's regularly-scheduled school board meeting, however, the Superintendent was instructed to see if there was any way around taking that step.

Over the next month, Superintendent Brad Skertich and his administrative team will present a second set of options to consider.  He says any time you close a school, it's a drastic move.

Skertich comments

If the board decides closing Shipman Elementary is still their best option, there is an anticipated savings over a quarter-million dollars next year, and over $318,000 annually by closing the school and turning it into the district office.  The decision will come at the next meeting, which will be held February 19.

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