The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is looking for an unknown man following a report that he made a comment to three teen girls in the Alhambra area.  Last Thursday afternoon, the girls were reportedly dropped off by their bus driver when the girls allegedly dared each other to wave at the man.  He then asked them directions to Greenville, and allegedly returned the next day and asked the same thing.

That, along with another alleged comment caused one of the girls to report the incident to her parents.  The others have also been interviewed.  The suspicious person and vehicle are described as a white male of medium build, no facial hair or glasses, wearing a camouflage coat and hat.  He is said to be driving a small older model pickup truck, single cab, dark green in color.  If anyone has information on this case, you are asked to call the Madison County Sheriff's Department at 692-4433, or the Anonymous Tip Line at 296-3000.