When you are on the campaign trail, you can learn a lot. But Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon, who is running for comptroller, is finding the opportunity to teach as well.  “It's interesting, because I run into a lot of folks who say, 'Great, Sheila, I’m all for you; now, what is a comptroller?'” Simon says. “I know from my experience that there are folks who, in the newspaper, are going to read the court report. In the tiniest print, they are going to see who got the DUI, they’re going to see who got divorces; I’d like to generate a little bit of nosiness about what we’re doing with the state and our spending, what we’re doing with our local governments and their spending, and put that to work for us.”
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As for the saga of whether the governor should be able to withhold lawmakers’ paychecks, and continue to fight in court for that ability, Simon says, “I’m looking forward to action on pension reform, and moving away from what is distracting from that.”  Does that mean she has told the governor to give it up? “The governor and I have lots of conversations about state policy, and what I’m interested in is getting the job done here,” she said.  She is indeed optimistic about both pension restructuring and same-sex marriage passing the legislature during the fall veto session, which begins Oct. 22.
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