State Senator Mike Jacobs of Moline says the temporary income tax hike implemented last year might not be so temporary after all, arguing the state can't afford to lose the additional revenue from the hike. Alton State Senator Bill Haine (pictured, top) says the only reason he voted for the tax increase a little over a year ago was because it was to be temporary.

Haine says had the bill gone through as originally proposed, Haine says he would not have voted for it. As it is now, half of the tax automatically expires in three more years, unless lawmakers vote to keep it.

Haine comments



State Senator Sam McCann of Carlinville (pictured, bottom) says he is very skeptical the tax will be allowed to sunset.


McCann comments



With the vote in January 2011, personal income taxes jumped some 66-percent, while corporate taxes saw a 45-percent increase. Of the 60 representatives who voted for the increase, 12 were lame ducks, all of them Democrats.

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