Illinois’ U.S. senators are uneasy over the breakoff of talks aimed at keeping Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  Iran is at the table because of economic sanctions that have halted most oil exports and crippled the county’s economy, but walked away from a deal this weekend in Switzerland because the proposal didn’t allow Iran to enrich uranium for energy and health care purposes. Sen. Mark S. Kirk (R-Ill.) says enriched uranium at any level will lead to nuclear weapons, and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) shares that concern.
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“If we can resolve this through negotiations and verify that they are going to stop the production of nuclear weapons without military action, that is the best outcome. But I agree with Sen. Kirk, we have every reason to be skeptical about the Iranians. They have not shown themselves to be trustworthy in the past,” he said.  Kirk says there must be a means to verify that any uranium enrichment in Iran, which is ostensibly being used for nuclear energy and medical purposes, isn’t being used to make weapons.
“Leaving behind continuous photographic material at some of the key sites may be a key aspect, that we have ways of finding out if the photographic equipment has been tampered with, I would like to see the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) monitoring equipment put in there,” he said.  Talks are scheduled to resume next week.
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