Two members of Congress from Illinois agree the state needs federal help to reduce gang violence-but they don’t agree on how that help should be used.  U.S. Senator Mark Kirk and U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Chicago) say they’re both committed to fighting gangs, but have a difference of opinion on how to use federal resources. Kirk is sticking by an earlier call for the arrest of 18,000 gang members. 
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“I think….murderers are murderers and they have to be taken out of the community,”Kirk said.  Rush, on the other hand, says just beefing up law enforcement isn’t the long term solution. “We certainly don’t agree that some federal force can come in and swoop up arbitrarily 18,000 members of the community.”  Both men do agree that some form of economic boost is needed. Sen. Kirk proposed that anyone investing in commercial property in blighted areas would receive a 10-year waiver on federal taxes.
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