A state senator wants the state to look into business ties it has with a Springfield businessman convicted of political corruption.  State Sen. Susan Garrett (D-Lake Forest) wants a closer look at the ties Illinois state government has with William Cellini. Before his conviction, Cellini ran businesses that had millions of dollars of state business, including leases and management agreements.  Those businesses have been transferred to Cellini’s family members.  


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Garrett has requested that the state Procurement Policy Board hold hearings on the matter.  “I’ve requested that the Procurement Policy Board hold hearings on this and try to untangle the leases and the contracts and fully understand the extent to which the Cellinis are indirectly or directly involved with state contracting on buildings and management,” Garrett said.  The state has spent $261 million on lease payments to Cellini’s companies dating to 1981.  Garrett also says it’s time to look into the state’s routine of renting properties rather than owning. She wants the Procurement Policy Board to assess if rents paid by the state are in line with fair market rates for similar property.


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