A new report about how former Gov. Pat Quinn’s administration gave out grants during his 2014 re-election bid has renewed a legislator’s push to limit grant-giving abuse.


A report from the Auditor General report showed a 2010 anti-violence program administered by former Gov. Pat Quinn gave out millions in taxpayer dollars with little oversight. State Sen. Sue Rezin, R-Peru, said this is confirmation that her bill, which limits candidates from publicizing grants, is necessary.  


“It’s important to have this type of legislation that provides a blackout period before the election for any public announcements of grants or funding,” Rezin said.

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Rezin’s bill would prohibit politicians from announcing grant giving in the months preceding an election like Quinn did with his Neighborhood Recovery Initiative.


“This piece of ethics legislation goes a long way just to make sure that we do not use the grant -making process for a publicized, political gain right before the election,” she said.


The northeastern Illinois Republican said she saw the abuse of Quinn’s pre-election grant giving firsthand.


“There was a lot of publicity in my district that went along with it but there was actually no paperwork that went with the grant application to support the grant,” she said.


The bill wouldn’t stop the grants from being awarded, just forbid publicizing them for the media exposure.


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