Today is New Hampshire primary day. U.S. Sen. Mark S. Kirk (R-Ill.) says his guy, Mitt Romney, will win in the Republican presidential primary today in New Hampshire, but he wouldn’t wade into predicting a certain percentage of the vote, other than to say Romney would get more than anybody else.


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“There’s always an expectation game, but I think Romney out-performed expectations in Iowa, when initially it was thought that he wasn’t going to compete, and then he won. This is a story that has yet to be written but obviously the candidate that everyone wants to be is Mitt Romney,” he said.

The first big-state primary is Florida on Jan. 31, but Kirk says South Carolina, on Jan. 21, can be make-or-break for this contest. In the last eight elections, the winner of the South Carolina primary has been the Republican nominee.

The Illinois primary is March 20.

(Illinois Radio Network)