U.S. Sen. Mark S. Kirk (R-Ill.) is urging Republicans in the House to fund the Department of Homeland Security, no strings attached.  A deal last week bumped the deadline for funding the agency to this Friday, but the issue is still the same: House Republicans want any measure funding Homeland Security to include legislation to repeal the president’s executive orders on immigration. Kirk says this is not a good idea.
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“I strongly disagree with the Republican Party’s views on the Department of Homeland Security funding bill. I don’t think we should have ever junked that bill up with anti-immigration riders. We should have just funded the DHS,” he said.
Kirk says there are Republicans in the Senate who are upset that the House is insisting on this. A small group of House Republicans is talking about trying to oust the House speaker. Kirk, a former House member, says that won’t happen.
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