How environmental regulations can be justified would be changed under a bill heading to the U.S. Senate. It’s been dubbed the “secret science” bill, which would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from imposing new regulations without publicly releasing the data backing them up. It passed the House on a largely party-line vote, and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) says it’s another attempt by Republicans to stifle science supporting climate change.

“Many Republicans are in denial about what’s happening to our planet,” Durbin said. “Even the Chinese came around during the last two weeks and said we’ve got to do something together. Otherwise, we’re going to destroy this great planet that we live on.”


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Republicans argue the bill makes the EPA more transparent, but Democrats say if the EPA disclosed all the data it uses, it could end up breaking privacy laws by having to release someone’s medical history.

The bill is one of several EPA-related actions Republicans are considering. Durbin expects once the new Senate is seated, the Republican majority will try to roll back the regulations on carbon dioxide emissions at existing coal power plants that were put in place earlier this year.

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