It’s unlikely to be the final budget, but the Senate Democratic budget proposal is moving through the legislature.   The Senate Democrats unveiled their ideas late last week, which they say cut discretionary spending by more than $300 million while paying what’s required to the Medicaid and pension systems. The proposal passed a legislative committee late Monday.


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State Sen. Pam Althoff (R-McHenry) says it’s a Republican principle to not spend more than is expected to come in during the fiscal year the tax increase expires, which is partially why she and her Republican colleagues voted against it.   “What we see before us now makes support of this proposal impossible as we cannot meet that principle,” she says.   Republicans contend the proposal spends more than this year’s budget as it takes $403 million from special funds to pay old bills. The House hasn’t yet released its proposal in bill form, but it reportedly spends less than the Senate Democrats’ plan.


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