A voting watchdog group is asking the Illinois State Board of Elections to make the voting process more secure.   Defend the Vote says ballot box seals that have been tampered with and electronic voting machines susceptible to tampering are cause for concern when it comes to ensuring  fair elections. At the latest State Board of Elections meeting, Sharon Meroni of Defend the Vote asked the State Board of Elections for their help in the matter of testing security protocols across the state.


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“Part of what I was getting such resistance from…was I was saying will you help us do that across the state and they basically just told me to sue them,” Meroni said, referencing the board chairmen telling her on several occasions to hire an attorney and go to court.   Meroni says so far Lake County election officials and McHenry County election officials are willing to put their security protocols to the test to find out if they are securing the vote.   A report by Argonne National Laboratory says there are ways to ensure the voting process is secure. The report says using seals with serial numbers and then tracking those numbers would make it easy to determine if a ballot box was tampered with. Also a physical inspection of the inside of the electronic voting booths before and after an election would ensure cyber security.   One member of the board said it was a “great idea” to ensure the integrity of the voting system but said it would “cost millions” and that the money to do such things would be hard to find.


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